With travel and rental accessibility being limited in 2020, golfers might be wondering – what is the best way to rent golf clubs In 2020? A simple google search for “golf club rentals near me” will bring up a host of options. There are companies that will ship your clubs to you while you travel. Others will deliver a set to your hotel room door. Many options exist. Let’s navigate some of the more popular methods. Find the most simple, affordable, and convenient way to rent clubs during your visit to San Diego and beyond!

Course RentalsShip SticksClubShare
Cost $$$ $$ $
Convenience Factor 10/10 6/10 8/10
Coverage IncludedRarely includedIncludedIncluded
Choose from a wide variety of clubs X X

Rent Clubs From the Course 

Average: $70-90/set

Most all courses, especially in San Diego, offer club rentals for a fee. This can be a convenient way to rent clubs with no planning needed. Simply show up to the course and rent clubs for your round. San Diego is home to some of the most beautiful courses in the world, such as Torrey Pines Golf Course. Here, rentals are $70 per set, with no guaranteed availability. In short, renting from a course is usually the most expensive way to rent golf clubs. There is also no guarantee clubs will be available on the day you plan to play. Additionally, the options for different brands and models are limited..

Pros: No need to transport clubs to/from the course.

Cons: High cost, limited options and availability.

Have Your Golf Clubs Shipped to You

Average: $40-80 (depending on time frame needed for arrival)

An option for shipping your golf clubs to your destination is Ship Sticks. They provide a service to ship your clubs to you wherever you travel. Therefore, Ship Sticks allows golfers to play their own clubs and not risk potential poor play from a random rental set. This option can be desirable to you, as a traveling golfer, as it eliminates the time at baggage claim, and potentially having your clubs damaged by the airline. Potentially more challenging for golfers who have a short stay planned, as coordinating the shipment pickup will require an open window of time after you’ve finished up at the course.

In short, having a service ship your clubs sounds convenient but once everything is said and done, you are still putting in some work, and it isn’t as cheap as you might hope. Ship Sticks can cost you more than the extra-bag fee at some airlines.. Pro tip – Southwest offers free club shipping as your second checked bag. However, Ship Sticks does insure your clubs at no additional charge – as you would expect, since it is your equipment they are handling.

Pros: Your clubs, your customizations.

Cons: Extra steps: scheduling your shipment, preparing your clubs for shipment, etc., price.

Use a Rental Club Service (ClubShare)

Average: $25-30/day

ClubShare, the only nationwide club rental marketplace, is based in San Diego and offers services in select additional markets, including Denver. Simply put, you are looking for the best way to rent golf clubs and there is no service that gives you more options than ClubShare. What if you could shop for club rentals from multiple sources in an area, based on your desired criteria? Are you looking for the most convenient option, clubs delivered, etc.? Are you looking for the most affordable option? Or, are you looking for a specific brand of club to rent – maybe the same model as your clubs at home? If traveling to play golf, ClubShare provides golfers the most golf club rental options, all in one place.

ClubShare provides name brand sets owned by local golfers, which allows the rental rates to be more affordable. Additionally, ClubShare acts as a liaison for club rental businesses to reach more visiting golfers, at an affordable cost too. Play your same brand and model clubs without risking damage from shipping, or try out that new set you’ve been eyeing… Have clubs delivered to your course or hotel, or pick them up on the way to the course – you get the flexibility of choosing when and where the pickup/drop-off takes place. Moreover, another added bonus that you will not find anywhere else – ClubShare provides included coverage of $250 to all renters in case of accidental damage during their rental.

Pros: Huge variety of sets, customized options, cost-efficient and convenient.

Cons: You might end up with a new favorite set of clubs.

ClubShare is the most effective way to rent golf clubs for traveling golfers.

Try ClubShare today And save on your next golf trip.

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