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Jack Nicklaus - Golden Bear Signature Set

Delivery Available ✅
$25 Per Day | Additional days are 25% off!
Number of Clubs: 14
Hand: right
NicklausGolden Bear Signature
5 Iron through GW
Stiffness: Regular
NicklausGolden Bear Signature
Stiffness: Regular
3 Wood + 5 Wood + Rescue/Hybrid
NicklausGolden Bear Signature
Overall Condition of Clubs: 3 out of 3 (Excellent/Great Condition)
Additional Details:
Complete Set - All Graphite Shafts - Winn Grips. Excellent set for Seniors, Men or Women 5'5"-6', Standard height. Woods 1- 3 - 5 with head covers , Hybrids 3 and 4, Irons 5-9, Pitching wedge, Sand wedge, putter with cover, standing bag, glove. Jack Nicklaus Golden Bear Signature series.

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