ClubShare Rental Frequently Asked Questions

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What is covered?

Damage - covered

The above images display damage which WOULD be covered for both the lister and the renter under ClubShare's damage coverage *(please continue reading below). We investigate this type of damage, and we do not cover damage for the renter if the damage is deemed to have occurred during play not covered under normal conditions and behavior. Regardless, the damage is 100% covered for the lister whether reimbursable through ClubShare's Rental Coverage or by the renter's credit card, as discussed in the Frequently Asked Questions. Please refer to the ClubShare Rental/listing Agreement found on the Rent Clubs Tab or the List Your Clubs tab, respectively.

Reasonable wear and tear - Not covered

We do not consider normal wear and tear damage and do not cover damage if the club is returned with conditions such as - discoloration from normal playing, very small blemishes or scratches from hitting the ball. Significant discoloration is displayed in the image above, to the right. However, we DO consider this damage, upon approval, if this club was in brand new or lightly used condition.

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Normal Wear and Tear

Not covered

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