ClubShare Rental Frequently Asked Questions

If your questions aren't addressed in our rental Frequently Asked Questions, please feel free to contact us, we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

ClubShare Golf

What is ClubShare?

ClubShare rental Frequently Asked Questions is here to explain every question you may have. We are the only nationwide marketplace for golf club rentals, from businesses, courses and other golfers. Shop price, convenience and brand, all in one place. ClubShare provides a safe and secure community for listers to earn money for renting out their clubs. Those just learning golf, golfers looking to upgrade and traveling golfers all benefit from our service by having a safe and affordable way to rent golf clubs.

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Why use ClubShare?

ClubShare makes it easy to access clubs at any time. Whether going on a trip or looking to try out a new set, we've got you covered. ClubShare allows you to rent the clubs you want to play at the right price so you can play anywhere, at any time. Have some clubs taking up space in your garage? Looking to make money off your old or current set of clubs? ClubShare makes it quick, easy, and economical to find, list, and share clubs!

Where does ClubShare currently offer their services?

We are currently growing the game of golf nationwide! View all our clubs for rent here. Or view by our most popular areas - 

San Diego Club Listings

Denver Club Listings

How do I stay up to date with ClubShare?

Visit our Instagram, Facebook or Twitter to be the first to know of any news or updates. We also send news and updates to current ClubShare users via email. Sign up for upcoming events, deals, promos and more!

How do I create a ClubShare account?

Look for the orange Sign Up box at the top right hand corner of our website. Create an account to start renting or listing your clubs. Make sure to put your friend’s username in the “Referred By” box if this applies. Refer a friend to list their clubs and you each get $10! You can add your lister payout method when signing up or later via your Dashboard. Once you complete verification via email, you are ready to rent and list clubs! Visit the "For Renters" and "For Listers" sections of our Frequently Asked Questions for further instructions on renting and listing clubs.


Is it free to register for an account?

Yes! it is completely free to join ClubShare as a renter or lister. Simply sign up and confirm your account via the email verification link. Once that is complete, you are ready to list and rent! 

Does it cost anything to list my clubs?

ClubShare does not charge any fees to create a listing! Our payment terminal charges a fee of 15%, deducted from the lister's payout after the transaction is complete. This fee includes full damage and theft coverage for your clubs in their current condition and for their appropriate value. If a renter damages or loses your clubs, you pay nothing, not even a deductible. The renter is responsible for all damage and theft to the lister's equipment. 

Are there any fees associated with renting clubs?

ClubShare never charges to create an account or to list clubs. We charge a coverage fee of $4.50 per transaction. This fee is paid by the renter. This includes damage coverage for the renter of $250. Tax is not added to any transaction! 

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What happens if I have a problem with ClubShare's services?

We aim to make your sharing experience as seamless as possible. Our team does our best to solve any and all complications that may arise. We want to hear from you if you experience any problems with our payment processing, peer-to-peer interaction, or rented equipment. Contact our customer service team with any concerns or requested improvements at

How can I close my ClubShare account?

We will do everything we can to make your experience as positive as possible, however, accounts can be closed anytime by emailing us at or using the contact us tab and requesting your account be deleted. If you need to remove a listing, you can do this from your dashboard. 

For Renters


Getting Started

What steps must I complete before being able to rent clubs?

To protect all ClubShare users, at the time of your first rental, we require ID verification. This process is quick and easy but make sure to have your smart phone and ID handy. We keep the information you provide private and secure, and we do not store it on our site. This process ensures safety and security for renters and listers. Further information on forms of Identification accepted is available in the "Getting Started" section of our Frequently Asked Questions.

Which forms of identification are accepted by ClubShare?

We accept State-issued driver’s license/ID cards, the REAL ID, or passports. Contact if you have a question about your form of identification. 

Why do I have to provide an ID to rent (or list) clubs?

We verify each ClubShare renter and lister's identity to protect each transaction and make it safe for both parties. You won't have to do this again after we have verified your ID. This ensures all parties be held accountable and responsible should any incident occur and also increases trust within our sharing community. 

Do I need to provide my ID and/or payment info when I first sign up?

Nope! We won’t need this information from you until your first club rental or listing. Your identity only needs to be verified once, whether listing or renting. 

What forms of payment can I use to rent clubs?

ClubShare accepts all major credit cards. We are working on adding PayPal as a payment option soon.

If you feel something should be added to our rental frequently asked questions page, please let us know.

Information for Renters

I want clubs for tomorrow's round. How do I find them?

Renters can search and filter by brand, model, location, handedness, etc. Go to the Rent Clubs tab and start your search. You will find listings relating to your search and a mapped location once the listing is clicked. 

How do I receive the clubs I rented? How do I return them to the lister?

You can coordinate with the lister via our "Chat" service once you request clubs from a lister and choose your rental days. Choose a mutually convenient time and location to make the exchange and receive the clubs. You are encouraged to discuss an estimation of when you would like to return the clubs with the lister. Contact the lister near the end or after your round, and coordinate the best time and place to return the clubs to the lister. 

Tip - Try to get clubs between your home/hotel and the course or near the course you are playing. This way you can pick the clubs up on your way to the course and drop them off on your way back!

Can I ask a lister to deliver the clubs?

Renters can provide a preferred exchange location when they complete a rental request. Listers receive this information and can communicate what works best for them. Communication is key to having a convenient experience for both parties. It is important to make sure the expectations of the renter are met as well as convenience for the lister.

Note - Some clubs have delivery available, keep an eye out for this feature on certain listings. 

If I search and there are no clubs available, what should I do?

Possible causes for this are:

  • We may not have clubs listed in your search area yet
  • You might need to broaden your search area to where clubs are available
  • Try clearing your search filters. The problem may be that your search is too specific

If this doesn't work:

Please e-mail us at We are constantly working on building our platform so that our customers have multiple options in each area. If you can't find a listing that works for you, send us an email and we can work on finding you a great set of clubs for rent.

What do I do if a lister doesn't respond?

We understand that sometimes things come up, some listers may not always be available to respond at a given time. In order to limit miscommunication, we recommend requesting with ample notice so that communication will be sufficient for both the lister and renter. If you are not receiving communication from a lister nearing your tee time, please contact us at

Can I request clubs from more than one lister at a time?

Yes, however this must be for intended rental of BOTH sets of clubs. We do not allow renters to request listings from several listers to see which gets approved first. You, the renter will be responsible for any rental request that is accepted by the lister. 

Are there late return fees?

No there are not. We always recommend trying to bring back clubs to the lister as close to the planned time as possible, however you will not incur any extra fees for a late return as long as it still falls within the rental period. You, the renter, are responsible for any missed exchange with the lister. If you are not able to get in touch with the lister, email us at and we will accommodate your return.  

What if I decide mid-rental period that I want to extend my rental?

This is okay! Extending a rental is a decision left up to the lister's availability. If you decide to extend your rental, simply re-rent the clubs you are using on our platform for additional days. Keep in mind, the clubs may not be available or have other renters scheduled, so extending your rental period is not always a guaranteed option. Any extension not completed on ClubShare will void coverage potentially for both parties and could result in banishment from the site. 

Can someone else pick up the clubs I'm renting for me?

This is discouraged. If you are going to have someone else pick your clubs up from the owner, we do require that you give the owner/lister the name of the person picking up the clubs, their phone number, and description of the person. This should only be an option in case of emergencies. The person receiving the clubs from the lister will not be covered by any of ClubShare’s Terms or coverage. The original renter will be liable for any damages incurred. Clubshare is not responsible for the clubs or any incident that may arise in this case. 

How much notice do I need to give for cancelling my rental request?

We are frequently asked questions about rental cancelations. If you, the renter cancels your rental request less than 24 hours in advance of your preselected "tee time," you will be charged for the day. Please email if you need to cancel your rental without advanced notice.

Please let us know if you feel something should be added to our rental FAQ page.

Renter Coverage

Are there any extra fees when I rent?

To ensure safety, security and great service to our users, all rentals do include a coverage fee, which covers the rental transaction and also includes coverage for accidental damages to your rental up to $250. 

What if the clubs I rent are stolen or I damage them?

In regards to renter liability, all transactions are covered up to $250 for damage for the renter. If the damage is less than $250, you, the renter have the option to pay with a credit card or use the included coverage, whatever makes the most sense for you. ClubShare's included coverage ONLY covers damage by normal play and is not applicable to loss, theft or misuse resulting in damages. In those cases, the renter would be responsible for damages, paid by their credit card on file. 

What are best practices for when I return the clubs to the owner/lister?

When you return the clubs, make sure you are proud of their condition, and double check that you have accounted for all the clubs you rented. We recommend the owner/lister to look over their clubs and make sure they are all there and in good condition upon return. This will help the process go smoothly and be a positive transaction for both you and the lister!

Can I use my own third-party insurance for my rental?

ClubShare does not currently support this feature. If you believe your insurance covers the rented clubs, that is entirely between you and the insurance company. ClubShare has no involvement with this process. 

Please let us know if you feel something should be added to our rental frequently asked questions page.

For Listers


Information for Listers

How much should I rent my clubs for?

Rental clubs should not cost as much as the round itself! Traditional course club rentals are overpriced and have limited options. We recommend you to list your clubs for a price based on other comparable clubs listed on ClubShare. If you are not getting any rental requests, you may be priced too high. 

Contact us if you would like any recommendations on listing price. 

How do I get my clubs to be featured on the homepage?

Contact us today to let us know you're interested in featuring your clubs on our homepage. This will get your listing much more exposure and clicks! More traffic = more rentals! The cost for featuring your clubs is $5 per month (pending availability). 

What if I can only rent my clubs out certain days?

We want to grow the game of golf and encourage everyone to play as much as they can! We have an availability calendar so you can mark off the days your clubs are unavailable or when you can't complete an exchange. Your listing will still be visible and available to book for future dates but renters will not be able to request rentals on the disabled days. 

Otherwise, your clubs remain listed and available on ClubShare! If your clubs are listed as available, renters can request your clubs and connect with you through ClubShare's chat system. If a request is not convenient for you, you can always decline a rental request.

You can update your availability calendar (disabled days) in your Dashboard. If you feel something should be added to our rental frequently asked questions page, please let us know.

Do I have to re-list my clubs for rent after every transaction?

No! As mentioned above, once you list your clubs on ClubShare they stay on the site unless you remove your listing. 

Can I list a single club?

No, each listing must be a complete set of clubs and approved before it will be listed on the site. Receiving as much information as possible about your clubs will benefit not only the lister, but you as well. This improves your chances of receiving rental requests and also meets the renter's expectations. This also improves your searchability and increases the number of golfers that will view your posting.

Can I accept cash from a Renter?

No. You cannot accept cash for ClubShare rentals. We require that all payments be made via credit card on our site. Lister's clubs will not be covered under the ClubShare Rental or Listing Agreement if the transaction does not take place on our platform and according to our Terms of Service. Learn more about our accepted forms of payment under the "Getting Started" section of our frequently asked questions page.

Can I list my clubs for sale on ClubShare?

We do not currently offer clubs for sale on ClubShare. At ClubShare, we encourage golfers to try new brands and for ease of travel, all while growing the game of golf. 

Please let us know if you feel something should be added to our rental FAQ page.

How do I make my clubs available for rent?

ClubShare allows you to make extra money on your clubs when you are not using them. Once you create an account, find the List Your Clubs section where you can post all the details of your clubs and submit them for rent. 

*We recommend staying on top of the "Disabled Days" feature so that someone does not try to rent your clubs while you are out on the course or unavailable. 

How do I get paid?

Upon completion of a transaction, you will receive payment via PayPal for the price of your rental, minus our 15% payout fee. Payment usually occurs within 24 hours after completion of the rental period. 

How can I make extra money aside from renting my clubs out?

Refer a friend! If you have friends who also have clubs to list, refer them to list with us. You get $10 for each friend referred, who lists their clubs from your reference, while they also get $10! Make sure they put your ClubShare username on the "Referred By" field of the Sign Up form. 

Can I give a renter a discount on my clubs?

Yes, when you offer a discount to renters it can be a great incentive and help you get more positive transaction feedback! Simply update your Price Per Day whenever you want to give a better deal to any potential renter.

How much notice do I need to give, to cancel a reservation with a renter?

While we discourage canceling a reservation without advanced notice, if you do need to cancel your reservation with a renter, we require you cancel more than 24 hours in advance from the renter's selected "tee time." Canceling a reservation with a renter under 24 hours in advance will result in a "strike" or warning on your account.

Lister Coverage

Is my equipment covered in cases of damage or theft?

Yes! We are frequently asked questions on coverage. We cover all listings in case of damage or theft/loss. The renter is responsible for all damages and theft that may occur. If a renter leaves a club behind, they must retrieve the club before the rental period ends or else they risk being charged for additional days, reimbursement or for a replacement if unfound. 

Listers can file a damage claim here.

What if my clubs are damaged during the rental?

All rentals are covered for their estimated current value. If damage occurs, please contact us immediately or begin a claim here and someone from the team will reach out if more information is needed for your claim. 

*IMPORTANT* - Listers have 24 hours from the end of the rental period to report an incident or file a claim. 

What if my clubs are stolen?

If your clubs don't make it back from the course, contact us immediately or file a claim directly here.

We are committed to keeping our users fully protected and we'll do our best to solve any issues fairly and reasonably in a timely manner. 

What if my clubs get damaged by the renter?

Before confirming any reservation, the renter has to agree to our ClubShare Rental Agreement and Terms of Service. This agreement offers you (the lister) protection against damage and theft to your clubs. As the lister, you are not financially responsible or liable if the renter damages your clubs.

If the renter doesn't communicate, respond, or honor their bound legal obligations, ClubShare will step in to make sure you are properly reimbursed. Your clubs will be protected against theft, loss AND damage, so it's completely risk free to rent your clubs out. More information available in the Lister Agreement which you must agree to prior to a rental transaction.

If your clubs are damaged by a renter, please contact us or file a claim. ClubShare does not accept any claims that are reported more than 24 hours after the end of the rental period. If you have any further questions please email us at

I have spent a lot of money getting my clubs personalized to my liking. How can I ensure the renter does not alter this?

This is something you must document in the listing as well as confirm upon return of the clubs. The renter is given proper notice and expectations by agreeing to the Rental Agreement in which they can not modify clubs in any way. This includes using the clubs only for their intended purpose along with other requirements provided in the Terms of Service and Rental Agreement. More information on lister coverage is included in the frequently asked questions above.

What happens if my clubs are just a little bit damaged?

If any clubs part of your listing get returned by the renter and are in the "gray area" of possibly a little more than normal wear and tear but not quite "damaged" this information applies. Please see below the FAQ for examples of what is considered damage and what is not. If this situation applies to you, try to use your best judgement of how to handle this directly with the renter. Remember, golf is a game built on trust and community. If you feel you are not able to come to a resolution and feel your clubs were returned beyond normal wear and tear condition, please reach out to us at and we will assist to make things right for you. 

Lister Privacy and Safety

What information do you release to ClubShare members?

Besides renter or lister’s username as we display on the site, ClubShare members will not have access to any of your personal information. You can  release specific information as you wish, to complete the exchange. This includes phone number, email, location, description of yourself, etc. 

Do I have to set up an additional profile to list?

Nope! Once you sign up, your profile is complete, whether you want to rent or list clubs. 

If you feel we should add something to our rental frequently asked questions page, please let us know.

Can I find out more information about a renter before I let them rent my clubs?

For all user's safety, we verify the identity of each renter and lister on ClubShare through our secure ID verification system. This information is never shared with any user. You only need to do this once whether renting or listing. Any additional information can be requested via however, we will not provide any personal identifying information about any user/renter. 

Can I deny a rental request?

Yes, it is totally okay to decline a request. However, the more positive ratings your transactions receive, the more popular and successful your listing will appear. You may not cancel a scheduled booking less than 24 hours in advance of either the renter's preselected tee-time or an arranged exchange time. This will result in a warning. 

Where should I meet a renter?

It is strongly encouraged to make the exchange experience as convenient as possible for both the lister and the renter. Once a club request is approved, chat with the renter via our chat system and see what works for both of you. Make sure to arrange pick up or drop off ahead of time and communicate with the renter any changes that might come up. 

*It is strongly recommended to practice safe exchanges when completing a transaction. If you do not feel comfortable having a renter come to your home, offer other options. You can find out more information on transaction responsibility in our Terms of Service or by emailing us at

What do I need to do when the renter returns my clubs?

When you get your clubs back from the renter, immediately check to make sure all of your clubs are there and in good shape. This way, if there are any clubs missing, you can let the renter know right away, and then email to file a claim.

If you feel something should be added to our rental frequently asked questions page, please let us know.

What is covered?

Damage - covered

The above images display damage which WOULD be covered for both the lister and the renter under ClubShare's damage coverage *(please continue reading below). We investigate this type of damage, and we do not cover damage for the renter if the damage is deemed to have occurred during play not covered under normal conditions and behavior. Regardless, the damage is 100% covered for the lister whether reimbursable through ClubShare's Rental Coverage or by the renter's credit card, as discussed in the Frequently Asked Questions. Please refer to the ClubShare Rental/listing Agreement found on the Rent Clubs Tab or the List Your Clubs tab, respectively.

Reasonable wear and tear - Not covered

We do not consider normal wear and tear damage and do not cover damage if the club is returned with conditions such as - discoloration from normal playing, very small blemishes or scratches from hitting the ball. Significant discoloration is displayed in the image above, to the right. However, we DO consider this damage, upon approval, if this club was in brand new or lightly used condition.

If you feel something should be added to our rental frequently asked questions page, please let us know.

Normal Wear and Tear

Not covered

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